Limited RecourseLoan to fund DPA Units

Investments in DPAs issued by Sequoia Specialist Investments Pty Ltd can be funded via a Limited Recourse Loan (“the Loan”). The features of such Loans offered by SSI include:

  • 100% Gearing: The Loan will always fund 100% of the Investment Amount;
  • Limited in recourse to the value of the DPA Units;
  • Interest  rates are fixed
  • Interest payable on the Loan is prepaid upfront for the full term of the Loan at the commencement of the Loan;
  • Maximum loss  that can be ever incurred is the Prepaid Interest, Application Fee, any other fees  plus any Upfront Adviser Fee (refer to the Termsheet IM or Termsheet PDS) . There is no additional risk of loss in relation to the Loan Amount.
  • No initial margins;
  • No margin calls;
  • No credit checks or impact of credit score;
  • SMSF eligible;

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