AboutSequoia Specialist Investments

Who We Are

Sequoia Specialist Investments Pty Ltd (“SSI”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sequoia Financial Group (ASX code:SEQ) and is one of Australia’s leading, non-bank issuers of structured investments for Australian retail and wholesale investors.

Our aim at SSI is to build innovative investment solutions not otherwise available to Australian investors via traditional investment platforms by working closely with top tier global investment banks to develop unique investment thematics that are able to capitalise upon emerging global trends.

These investments are offered in the form of either leveraged structured investments or fully funded structured investments depending on the objective of the investment (i.e. capital growth vs income).

SSI can also offer a variety of solutions for professional advisers or AFSLs where we can provide white label solutions for groups that want to retain their own branding.

Meet the Team

Blair Kirkhope

Investment Manager (Head of Specialist Investments)

Jordan Momircevski

Specialist Investment Associate

Our Values


“Do the right thing” We promote honesty and openness in all that we do. Under promise and over deliver.


We are inclusive in our approach and support diverse backgrounds and talents to deliver on our promises.


We foster an environment of collaboration. We consider other’s needs and support a team learning environment.

Client Focus

Our customers are our lifeblood and need to be treated with respect. Providing quality advice, products and services that are in the best interest of the client is our priority.


Choose positivity, be a doer and show gratitude for those who help us.


Delivery quality and encourage innovation to meet the challenges that stand in the way of excellence.