Launch Series 6

Launch Series 6 has matured on 5 September 2017. It will pay a 28.18% Final Coupon, representing a net return to investors of 29.86% on their initial invested capital.

Launch Series 6

Sequoia Launch is the latest innovation from Sequoia Specialist Investments.

Launch Series 6 provides investors with exposure to the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B Shares(the “Reference Asset“)

The investment is a significant leap forward in leveraged investments, as it provides uncapped performance potential to your choice of Reference Asset, the benefit of a 100% Limited Recourse Loan with Prepaid Interest for the 3 year Investment Term of $0.162 per Unit (5.40% p.a), Currency Hedging at a cost of $0.033 per Unit (1.1% p.a) and additionally, provided that the Reference Asset at maturity is higher than it was at the beginning of the investment, Investors will receive at least their Interest  back (16.2%) via a Final Coupon.

Sequoia Launch Units Work Like This:

If the Reference Asset Ending Level is above the Reference Asset Starting Level, the Final Coupon per Unit will be $1.00 multiplied by the greater of:

  • 16.2%; and
  • the performance of the Reference Asset during the Investment Term.

The payment of the Final Value and the Final Coupon at Maturity is summarised in the diagram below:

Flow-chart_launch series 2_final


Starting Level


5 September 2014

Reference Asset Starting Level


Launch Series 6 (BRK/B.US) Performance

DateReference Asset LevelBRK/B Share PriceIndicative Unit Value* Gross Performance
30-Sep-2014138.14n/a $1.0005 0.05%
31-Oct-2014140.16n/a$1.0151 1.51%
28-Nov-2014 148.69n/a$1.07697.69%
31-Dec-2014150.15n/a $1.0875 8.75%
27-Feb-2015 147.41n/a$1.0676 6.76%
31-Mar-2015144.32n/a$1.0453 4.53%
30-Apr-2015141.21n/a$1.0227 2.27%
29-May-15143.00n/a$1.0357 3.57%
30-Jun-2015136.11n/a$1.0000 -1.42%
31-Jul-2015142.74n/a$1.0338 3.38%
31-Aug-2015134.04n/a $1.00 2.92%
30-Sep-2015130.40n/a $1.000-5.56%
30-Nov-2015134.09n/a$1.000 -2.88%
31-Dec-2015 132.04n/a$1.000-4.37%
29-Jan-2016 129.77n/a $1.000-6.01%
29-Feb-2016134.77n/a $1.000-2.39%
31-Mar-2016 141.88n/a$1.0276 2.76%
31-Oct-2016144.30 n/a$1.04514.51%
5-Sep-2017176.98MaturedMatured28.18% (Final Coupon)

* Unit Value: Investors please not this is a theoretical investment maturity value. This investment is designed to be held to maturity. Any investors seeking to redeem prior to maturity may recieve an amount significantly different to the Indicative Unit Value stated.

Key Risks

  • Your return is affected by the performance of the Reference Asset. There is no guarantee that the Reference Asset will perform well.
  • There is no guarantee that the Units will generate returns in excess of the Prepaid Interest, Application Fee, Currency Hedging Fee (Series 4 only) and Adviser Fee (if any) during the Investment Term. Additionally, in the event of an Investor requested Issuer Buy-Back, Early Maturity Event or if you elect to repay your Loan before the Maturity Date, you will not receive a refund on Prepaid Interest, Application Fee, Currency Hedging Fee (Series 6 only) and Adviser Fee (if any).
  • There will be no Final Coupon payable at Maturity if the Reference Asset Ending Level is the same or less than the Reference Asset Starting Level (i.e. the performance of the Reference Asset is flat or negative).
  • Payment of the Final Coupon and the Final Value depends on the Issuer meeting its obligations and the Hedge Counterparty’s ability to meet their obligations under the Hedge. Investors are subject to counterparty credit risk with respect to the Issuer and the Hedge Counterparty.
  • Gains (and losses) may be magnified by the use of a 100% Loan. However, note that the Loan is a limited recourse Loan, so you will never be required to pay more than the Prepaid Interest, Application Fee, Currency Hedging Fee (Series 6 only) and Adviser Fee (if any). The Units may mature early following an Early Maturity Event, including as a result of an  Adjustment Event or Market Disruption Event or, if your request for an Issuer Buy-Back is accepted. If the Units are subject to Early Maturity for any reason, you will not be entitled to a refund of any Prepaid Interest, Application Fee, Currency Hedging Fee (Series 6 only) or Adviser Fee (if any) paid in relation to the Units.