Series 24 (Lithium Basket)

Sequoia Launch Units – Series 24 – Global Lithium Mining, Batteries and Electric Vehicles


The global economy is undergoing structural change in how we use energy as governments and global industry leaders focus on technological advancement aimed at reducing our reliance on carbon fuels. Sequoia Specialist Investments Pty Ltd (ACN 145 459 936) is offering two investments which give investors the ability to gain exposure to those companies driving the future disruption of the global energy and transportation industries:

The units in Sequoia Launch Series 24 offer investors the ability to gain exposure to the performance of an internationally diversified basket of some of the world’s leading companies which play a critical role in the following sectors:

  • Global Lithium mining;
  • Lithium Ion battery technological advancement and manufacturing; and
  • Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Unit production and distribution around the world.

See the ‘Key Risks’ section below for further information on the risks of this investment.

Reference Basket:

of the following


Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA.US)
Panasonic Corporation (6752.JP)
Samsung SDI (006400.KS)
BYD Company Ltd (1211.HK)
Albemarle Corporation (ALB.US)


Electric Vehicles, Battery
Electronics, Batteries
Battery Technology
Electric Vehicles, Battery
Lithium Mining

A summary of the key features are as follows:

  • Strategy
  • Investment Term
  • Currency Exposure
  • Limited recourse Loan
  • Annual Interest Rate on Loan
  • Currency Management Fee
  • The Potential for 3 Performance Coupons
  • Performance Cap at Maturity
  • Application Fee
  • Volatility Target
  • Maximum Participation Rate
  • Averaging
  • Margin Calls
  • SMSF Eligibility
  • Minimum Loan and Investment
Series 24
  • Reference Basket with 24% Volatility Target
  • 3 years
  • Yes, 100% loan
  • 5.95% p.a.
  • 0.7% p.a.
  • Two potential Performance Coupons of up to 6.3%* each, at the end of Year 1 & Year 2 plus the potential for a Final Coupon subject to a Performance Cap at Maturity (less previous gross coupons paid). Coupons are subject to movements in the AUD/USD exchange rate
  • 50%
  • 2.2%
  • 24%
  • 100%
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • $50,000

*Net of Performance Fees, and before conversion into AUD


To find out more, and to download a copy of the Term sheet PDS and Master PDS, please click on the links below

Initial Strategy Value


21 December 2016

22 December 2016

28 December 2016

Initial Strategy Value

Initial Strategy Value





Launch Series 24 Performance

DateIndicative Strategy ValueIndicative Unit Value* Gross Performance
31-Jan-2017107.53 $1.087.97%
28-Feb-2017112.88 $1.13 13.34%
31-Mar-2017117.18 $1.1817.66%
28-Apr-2017123.77 $1.24 24.28%
31-May-2017134.07 $1.35 34.62%
30-Jun-2017137.83 $1.38 38.32%
31-July-2017137.62 $1.38 38.18%
31-Aug-2017142.8 $1.43 43.38%
31-Oct-2017163.49 $1.50 64.16%
20-Dec-17Coupon Paid7% Gross5.9663% AUD Net
31-Dec-17160.73 $1.50 61.39%
31-Jan-2018161.3 $1.50 61.96%
20-Dec-2018Coupon Paid7% Gross6.359% AUD Net

Key Risks:

Key risks include:

  • Your return is affected by the performance of the Reference Basket. There is no guarantee that the Reference Basket will perform well. If the Reference Basket performs negatively during the Investment Term you could lose some or all of your invested capital.
    • Your return is also affected by the performance of the AUD/USD exchange rate which can have a significant impact on the return generated from your investment. For Launch Series 24, Coupons (but not the Final Value) are subject to movements in the AUD/USD exchange rate.
  • the Units are subject to averaging. Averaging may impact the performance of the investment during the Investment Term when compared to an investment that does not use averaging.
  • Your return is also affected by the Performance Cap, which is indicative only and may be adjusted by the Issuer on the Commencement Date to reflect market conditions.
  • There is no guarantee that the Units will generate returns in excess of any Interest or Fees during the Investment Term. Additionally, in the event of an Investor requested Issuer Buy-Back or Early Maturity Event you will not receive a refund of any Interest or Fees.
  • Investors are subject to counterparty credit risk with respect to the Issuer and the Hedge Counterparty;
  • the Units may mature early following an Early Maturity Event, including an Adjustment Event, Market Disruption Event or if the Issuer accepts your request for an Issuer Buy-Back.

Please refer to Key Risks in the Term Sheet PDS and Section 2 “Risks” of the Master PDS with Loan for more information on risks.


Units in Sequoia Launch Units – Series 24 (the “Units”) are issued by Sequoia Specialist Investments Pty Ltd (ACN 145 459 936) (the “Issuer”) and arranged by Sequoia Asset Management Ltd (ACN 094 107 034, AFSL 341506). Investments in the Units can only be made by completing an Application Form attached to the Term Sheet Product Disclosure Statement (“TSPDS”) dated on or around 6 October 2016 and submitting it to Sequoia Specialist Investments Pty Ltd (ABN 67 145 459 936). A copy of the Term Sheet PDS and Master PDS can be obtained from the link in this website, or by contacting Sequoia Asset Management on 02 8114 2222. You should consider both PDS’ before deciding whether to invest in Units in Sequoia Launch Units – Series 24

You should seek independent advice in relation to the tax implications of your investment. 

The Issuer may, in its discretion, extend or shorten the Offer Period for the Units without prior notice.  If this happens, the Commencement Date and one or more consequential dates for the Units may vary. The Issuer may also defer the Commencement Date for the Units, in which case the Maturity Dates and other consequential dates for the Units may vary.  If the Issuer varies the Offer Period or the Commencement Date for the Units it will post a notice on the website informing applicants of the change at