Income Enhancer

Sequoia Income Enhancer

The Sequoia Income Enhancer offers attractive income returns plus growth potential when a Reference Assets is trending sideways, rising or slightly falling.

If you would like exposure to a particular Reference Asset but expect the returns to remain relatively flat, you can significantly enhance your potential portfolio yield and growth by investing in a Sequoia Income Enhancer Series.

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Income Enhancer

Product Name DateReference Asset LevelMonthly ReturnStrategy ValueIndicative Unit Value*Status (Current/ Matured)History
Income Enhancer - Series 1 (S&P/ASX200)4 April 20164,995.30-2.87%93.74$1.00 (Final Value)CurrentHistory
Income Enhancer - Series 2 (Gold)5 April 2016 1,231.25-2.89%65.21$0.6521 (Final Value)CurrentHistory