Growth Plan

Sequoia Growth Plans

Cover Image - Growth Plan 1 & 2

The Sequoia Growth Plans offers attractive Potential Returns linked to a basket of Shares (the Reference Assets).

If you would like exposure to a particular Reference Asset but expect the returns to remain relatively flat, or even down during the Investments exposure period, you could significantly enhance your portfolio’s returns by incorporating a Sequoia Growth Plan in your investment strategy.

To find out about the either Growth Plan 1 or Growth Plan 2, please click on the links below.




Growth Plan

Product NameDateANZCBANABWBCStatus (Current/ Matured)History
Growth Plan 131-Jan-2017$29.29 (-6.18%)$81.66 (9.64%)$30.33 (0.49%)$31.71 (4.10%)MaturedHistory
Growth Plan 231-Oct-2018$25.93 (-16.94%)$69.23 (-7.05%)$25.21 (-17.29%)$26.8500 (-11.85%)CurrentHistory
Growth Plan 731-Oct-2017$29.92 (8.45%)$77.63 (5.97%)$32.66 (22.37%)$32.99 (6.56%)CurrentHistory
Product NameDateCBAWBCBHPRIOStatus (Current/ Matured)History
Growth Plan 828-Sep-2018$71.41 (-12.82%)$27.93 (-12.85%)$34.64 (33.69%)$78.76 (21.37%)CurrentHistory