Launch Series 14

Sequoia Launch Series 14

The Units in Sequoia Launch Series 14 offer investors the ability to gain exposure to the performance of Berkshire Hathaway Inc Class B Shares (the “Reference Asset” or “BRK/B”).

Series 14 Features:

  • 3 Year Term
  • 100% limited recourse lending;
  • 6.35% p.a. interest paid annually in advance
  • 0.60% p.a. currency management fee
  • USD exposure on Final Coupon
  • Annual walk-away feature where investors have the ability to discontinue the loan before the next interest payment date
  • At Maturity, provided the Series Performance is greater than the Series Hurdle (10%), Investors will recieve the GREATER of the Series Performance (up to the performance cap of 40%) or a Minimum Final Coupon of 20.85%


To find out more, and to download a copy of the Term sheet PDS and Master PDS, please click on the links below

Initial Strategy Value


5 August 2015

4 September 2015

5 October 2015

Average Initial Strategy Value

BRK/B Price





Final Strategy Value


4th June 2018

3rd July 2018

3rd Aug 2018

Final Strategy Value (Average)

BRK/B Price





Launch Series 14 (BRK) Performance

DateReference Asset LevelBRK/B Share PriceIndicative Unit Value* Gross Performance
29-Jan-2016n/a$129.77 $1.000 -4.00%
29-Feb-2016n/a $134.77 $1.000 -0.69%
31-Mar-2016n/a $141.88 $1.000 4.69%
30-Apr-2016n/a $145.48$1.0007.63%
30-Sep-2016 n/a144.47$1.06886.88%
31-Mar-2018 n/a199.480 $1.40 47.57%
30-Apr-2018n/a193.730$1.40 43.32%
31-May-2018n/a191.530 $1.40 41.69%
3-Aug-2018n/aMaturedMaturedFinal coupon 39.94%

* Unit Value: Investors please note this is a theoretical investment maturity value. This investment is designed to be held to maturity. Any investors seeking to redeem prior to maturity may recieve an amount significantly different to the Indicative Unit Value stated

Key Risks:

  • Your return is affected by the performance of the relevant Reference Asset. There is no guarantee that the Reference Asset will perform well.
  • There will be no Final Coupon payable if the Series Performance is less than or equal to the Hurdle. The Hurdle is 10% for Series 14.
  • There is no guarantee that the Units will generate returns in excess of the Prepaid Interest and Fees,, during the Investment Term. Additionally, in the event of an Investor requested Issuer Buy-Back, Early Maturity Event, or if you elect Annual Walkaway Option to repay your Loan before the Maturity Date, you will not receive a refund of your Prepaid Interest or Fees.
  • Gains (and losses) may be magnified by the use of a 100% Loan. However, note that the Loan is a limited recourse Loan, so you will never be required to pay more than the Prepaid Interest Amount at inception and Fees. You can elect to the Annual Walk-Away Option at the end of first and second years if you wish to discontinue the Loan.
  • Investors are subject to counterparty credit risk with respect to the Issuer and the Hedge Counterparty. and;
  • the Units may mature early following an Early Maturity Event, including an Adjustment Event, Market Disruption Event or if the Issuer accepts your request for an Issuer Buy-Back.
  • The calculation of the Final Coupon is subject to averaging. Averaging may decrease the impact of an increase in the Reference Asset during the Investment Term.
  • The Final Coupon is subject to movements in the AUD/USD exchange rate for Series 14

Please refer to Section 2 “Risks” of the Master PDS for more information.

Units in Sequoia Launch Units – Series 11, 12 & 14 are issued by Sequoia Specialist Investments Pty Ltd (ACN ) (the “Issuer”) and arranged by Sequoia Asset Management Pty Ltd (ACN , AFSL 341506)(the “Arranger”). Investments in the Sequoia Launch Units – Series 11, 12 or 14 can only be made by completing an Application Form attached to the Term Sheet Product Disclosure Statement (“TSPDS”), after reading the Master PDS dated 10 June 2015 and submitting it to Sequoia. A copy of the PDS can be obtained by contacting Sequoia Asset Management on or contacting your financial adviser. You should consider the PDS before deciding whether to invest in Units in Sequoia Launch Units – Series 14. Capitalised terms on the webpage have the meaning given to them in Section 10 “Definitions” of the Master PDS.