Berkshire Hathaway Series 20

The JB Global Income and Equity Accelerator – Series 20 has matured on 27 June 2014.
It has delivered total returns to investors of approximately 61.16%* during the Investment Term.

*(comprised of the Final Value and Performance Coupons and reduced by the Performance Fees payable to the Lead Adviser)

The JB Global Income and Equity Accelerator – Series 20 aims to provide investors with exposure to the performance of Warren Buffett’s investment holding company, Berkshire Hathaway inc combined with a 100% Limiited Recourse Loan as well as Currency Hedging to reduce the many of the risks often associated with such an investment.

Features Include:

Potential income of two coupons of up to 9% each;

100% compulsory borrowing to fund your Investment, at an interest rate of 5.25%p.a, which must be pre-paid when you apply for the Units;

No currency exposure. Currency Heding Fees of 1.5% p.a which are pre-paid  when you apply for the Units;

No credit assessment;

Protection of a Limited Recourse Loan (also suitable for SMSFs);

A variable Participation Rate, with the potential for a participation rate up to a maximum of 200%, depending on the volatility of the Berkshire Hathaway Inc Class B shares;

Liquidity – redemptions available quarterly;


The Issuer of the JB Global Income & Equity Accelerator Units – Series 20 is the JBG Structured Investments Pty Limited. In deciding whether to acquire, or hold an interest in the JB Global Income & Equity Accelerator – Series 20, investors should obtain the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) dated 18 April 2011. This is available by contacting JB Global and from the links above or by contacting JB Global Investment Services.

Series 20 – Initial Strategy Value 

Initial Average Date

Initial Average Date 1

Initial Average Date 2

Initial Average Date 3

Average Initial Value


29 June 2011

29 July 2011

29 August 2011


Strategy Value





Series 20 – Final Strategy Value

Final Average Date

Final Average Date 1

Final Average Date 2

Final Average Date 3

Average Final Value


30 April 2014

30 May 2014

27 June 2014


Strategy Value





Series 20 – Performance Coupons & Final Value

Destination Date

29 June 2012

28 June 2013

27 June 2014





^Net of Performance Fees payable to the Lead Adviser

Series 20 Performance

DateIndicative Strategy Value Indicative Unit Value* Gross Performance
30-Sep-1192.62$1.00 -1.95%
28-Oct-1196.83$1.03 2.51%
28-Nov-1192.77$1.00 -1.79%
31-Dec-1195.12$1.01 0.70%
31-Jan-1296.21$1.02 1.85%
28-Feb-1295.98$1.02 1.61%
10-Apr-1296.41$1.02 2.06%
4-May-1298.05$1.04 3.80%
1-Jun-1294.02$1.00 -0.47%
Coupon Paid. $0.04668 per Unit Gross
29-Jun-12100.963$1.00 4.67%
27-Jul-12103.3$1.05 9.36%
31-Aug-12101.95$1.03 7.93%
28-Sep-12107.7$1.09 14.02%
2-Nov-12106.9$1.09 13.17%
30-Nov-12107.51$1.09 13.82%
28-Dec-12109.19$1.11 15.59%
1-Feb-13122.15$1.25 29.31%
28-Feb-13128.24$1.31 35.76%
27-Mar-13130.67$1.34 38.33%
7-May-13138.86$1.42 47.00%
21-May-13142.82$1.47 51.20%
31-May-13144.73$1.49 53.22%
Coupon Paid. $0.10 per Unit Gross
28-Jun-13141.51$1.35 49.81%
31-Jul-13146.3$1.40 54.88%
30-Aug-13141.4$1.35 49.69%
30-Sep-13142.89$1.37 51.27%
31-Oct-13144.81$1.39 53.30%
29-Nov-13146.87$1.41 55.48%
31-Dec-13149.84$1.44 58.63%
31-Jan-14139.2$1.33 47.36%
28-Feb-14144.83$1.39 53.32%
31-Mar-14157.63$1.52 66.87%
30-Apr-14163.09$1.58 72.66%
30-May-14162.25$1.57 71.77%

*This represents an indicative level for unwinding your investment on the reporting date and is an indication of the market value of the investment.